c/o or del

if you are the only place in town except for a gas station pizza would you deliver?

also frozen shell dough vs fresh when space and money are limited what would you do

just putting out feelers for info


I’d deliver if:

  1. There are homes and businesses to deliver to.
  2. There is a demand for quality pizza delivered.
  3. There are people willing to pay for pizza.
  4. There is an opportunity to make money.

Frozen will save you space, but fresh will save you a little money in the long run.


you’ll want to maximize the investment & the return of the investment - if you can yield a 10-15% ROI w/a C/O, then go 4 it, as it will be easier to run…

that being said, I don’t believe you can get a 10-15% w/a C/O only, unless you are as successful as a Little Caesars…

we are in small rural area and the only place serving good quality pizza etc we use frozen dough balls. we only 500 sq feet to deal with and never in the pizza biz before so dont have a clue or the space to make our own nor did we have the cash to by a mixer and we wanted to make our shop fool proof okay almost foolproff :smiley: we are carry out only no delivery heck we just got 911 addresses for our house this year so delivery was not an option for us BUT THE SINGLE BEST THING I EVER DID WAS PUT IN A DRIVE THRU WINDOW so can you make it without delivery i dont know i guess every town is different if i could deliver i probally would but i dont know if i could justifi the cost that goes along with it at this time. just my 2 cents .