Caeser Salad

How do you guys make your caeser salads?

Chopped Romaine, Grilled Chicken Breast, Shredded Parmesan, Croutons, Red Onion, and Caesar Dressing on the side

romaine lettuce, shredded parm cheese, garlic croutons and caesar dressing, all tossed together. if you want a recipie for caesar salad dressing I have one.

I’d be interested. I’m collecting dressing recipes for the day we start making our own instead of buying plastic gallons of someone else’s.

We prepare ours this way (or with the dressing on the side if the customer requests). A related question I have is this–is there a great way to store romaine lettuce to keep it fresh? We seem to have a problem with it going bad very quickly. Any ideas?


What brand of cesar dressing do you all use, tried years ago but couldn’t find a good ceasar.

Used Conway “Perfect Caesar” for many years in our restaurant…Still use it at home when I remember to pick it up at the “cash and carry” in the city…RCS…

Hello Sarah,we sell many salads so I invested in a salad spinner/dryer.It cost me 110.00 at NY pizza show.Believe it or not I got another 2-3 days longer shelf life out of my salads .Wash your romaine in a cold bath then put in spinner.Portion in your containers and refridge.
hope this help you…Niccademo

As always these are ONLY opinions,my favorite pick in Caesar dressing is Kens creamy Caesar we get so many compliments on ‘our homemade’ dressing. You have to work the wording in your advertising.


keeping salad greens fresh has been tougher since the use of salad “whiteners” is frowned upon…

couple of tricks…

use a sharp stainless steel knife…

shock it briefly in ice cold water, laced w/a tiny portion of food safe chlorine bleach (most brands are - less than a 1/8 teaspoon per 4 G H20)

the salad spinner is nice…

place in a covered lexan w/a “false bottom” so any H20 may drop thru …

one of the secrets to a great caesar is making sure that you first toss the romaine in the dressing and then add the parmesan and toss some more - this assures that the cheese adheres to all of the lettuce…

I always tossed the cheese with the lettuce before adding the dressing. I have found the cheese gets distributed better this way.

Hey Nick, I was the one who posted as annonymus (too lazy to log in that night) I haven’t forgotten about your recipe. I have just moved across the country and haven’t gotten un packed yet, but as soon as I do I will get the recipe to you.

I use Kraft caeser dressing It is very good and inexpensive. I dont put my lettuce in an airtight container as it seems to go bad faster. I put it in a container and cover with a towel. Works great!

I like that idea. It does seem that top shelf with a damp towel, and maybe a very loose plastic film covering it would work fine. It’s that ethylene gas that kills it . … give the ethylene a way to dissipate, and the lettuce will last longer. Same with celery and onions and such.

Romain lettuce, shaved parmesan, bacon bits, and creamy caeser