Call Sequencer and Caller ID

I’m considering testing a call sequencer at our new location. My concern is how well does it work with caller ID. Right now we answer line 1,2,3 and select that matching line on the computer screen to pull up the correct customer. From what I understand with call sequencers is that the calls go into a “park” mode, and you no longer know which line number they are.

Does any anyone have any experience with this? Does it cause any problems?


I have seen call sequencers that work both ways. At one of my stores I have a system that uses the “park” function as well as a “local hold” function. The park function is used if the line needs to be put on hold and answered by any phone in the system. The “local hold” is used to put the line on hold if it is to only be answered on the same handset that placed it on “local hold”. The good part of this is there is no one accidentally answering the line that you wanted to just put on hold for one brief moment in the middle of the order you’re taking. The phone shows us what line number the call is coming in on so we know which caller ID box to choose on our computer system. It’s a little harder to teach new employees on this type of system but once you’re used to it, there are very few issues.

I used Fidelity for the SynJ system to replace an overpriced Avaya partner system that was crap. Although I love the simple phone system it gets tricky with the called ID (we use a 4line Whooz Calling box) that interfaces with our POS. Unfortunately, the display on the phone is always the last one ringing so it gets tricky to figure out which line you are answering when all 4 lines are ringing…does a sequencer solve this problem?

Which Fidelity system are you pulling out? They have the Callworks, the Callworks mini and the SynJ which also has a sequencer option for $350.
I saw you recommended the Message on Hold company. What hardware do they use?


I called Mike over at Message on Hold and he cleared everything up for me. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.