Call sequencer/ phone auto attendent

I already use a device that delivers pre recorded messages while my customers are on hold. I am now considering upgrading to system that will do this as well as answer my phones with a breif message prior to it ringing in the store. My average call time has grown to the point of riduclous with questions about specials. Almost 80% of my calls start with what are your specials? I’m well aware that many here will not like to idea of a machine answering the phones with a 15 second message, but my question is do you think it will help call times significantly to offer a special up front before an hourly employee is on the line?

the “stupid” customers will not listen to the message & still ask what the specials are…when I ask if you listen when you 1st called, they say, “No, was I supposed to?”…if I’m in a real devilish mood, I send 'em back back 2 purgatory to listen…

@ the new store, we don’t have a “Fidelity” type system, but am contemplating a another sequencer/auto attendant that will interact w/the caller - like press 1 to hear the specials or press 2 to place an order…

The call sequencer also works to prevent you from answering lines out of order- that’s a nice on a busy day. A call pilot (voice mail unit) will give you an upfront message with the call sequencer capabilities. Most of my stores have an upfront message. I have mixed feelings and I have disconnected one of them. Call around and you’ll see that most Dominos use them, that tells me that they like them.

I have mixed feelings about them as well. I would prefer not to have it but we are considering it for the flow. It allows the call to be answered on the first ring, then the short message to give a few seconds for the staff to catch it.

This system has it all and you can self install it as well. Good luck with whatever you choose.

I could not see a manufacturer’s name on those. Is that a spinoff from Nortel?

You know I am not sure, but I do think they use nortel handsets at least I think I read that somewhere. I think the rest of the system is their own. I have seen them on both and so I figure they must at least be decent equipment.

And if you are an ubergeek like me, you may want to roll your own with Asterisk.

Whoa, I am only about 1/4 ubergeek, and the rest must be uberstoopid! That seems like quite a way to go, but way over my head!!! I like how you roll, but that thing would just roll over me! LOL!

I am tempted, but I better stay focused on making pizzas!

We might look at it if we pursue our idea of having a virtual call center with the order takers working out of their homes via VPN.

Wow. Actually, I just did exactly that with a new store we just opened this week - designed, coded and installed a VOIP system using Asterisk instead of going with the typical Nortel (Fidelity) call catcher, etc.

So far so good. Tons of things you can do - but like you said you need to be “in the business” to do it yourself - I was a contract programmer for 15 years before getting into the pizza business so it is no problem for me.

As a matter of fact I was thinking in the future to maybe sell an Asterisk based system specifically for use in pizzarias.

Dewar, if you are interested in specifics shoot me a PM.

I have an exptensive IT background and Nortel Meridian 1 MAC training. I will shoot you a PM.

anything for a smaller operation, mostly a prerecorded messege before my phone rings me.