Calling all Deck oven users

Two question’s for deck oven users.

I have Y-602’s double stacked. From time to time it seems that the ovens are getting to hot. I.E. The bottoms of the pizza’s cook quicker than normal, almost black. However there is no “crunch” when cutting the pie.

My first question is do you think it is an oven problem or a dough prep problem?
Info: We make our dough daily in the AM. We typically use the dough from yesterday and cook directly on the deck with a small amount of semolia under the pies.
The end result is from time to time we have to stick the pizza on a serving pan while it’s in the oven for the final minute.

Second question: What makes the dough, crust “color” spotty? Otherwords, some parts of the crust are golden brown like we want while other sides are not. Is it the mixing of the oil / dough?

I am sure I’ll get at least one response of correcting the problem = switch to conveyor ovens, lol…however, not an option $$.


have toy reid using screens? how are the vents on the oven are they totally closed?


What type of pizza are you making? If thin crust does your dough recipe use a fair amount of oil? I found that until I leaned out my dough I was unable to get that nice crisp on the bottom. It also took me some time to nail the hydration percentage of my dough for the oven temp that I cook at.
If its not a mechanical variation like closed vents or a stuck thermostat - might be worth looking into your dough formula.


I am actually having the same problem. I bought the store about a year ago and after many service calls and parts replaced I am still where I started. I have been told it is an airflow problem in the store. We have had little luck trying to resolve this.

If it is a ‘come and go’ problem, then I suggest you look into the firebox and see if your heat deflectors are still in good shape. Mine had burned through and were not sending even heat up to the decks. I replaced them and cooking got a WHOLE lot easier. Cost me a couple three hundred. I ordered them from the manufacturer.

If that isn’t a problem, use an oven thermometer and verify your thermostat is working. If your oven shoots up high while your control is set on 550F, then you may need to replace the buld/thermostat. Not an expensive item.