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Hi guys,

My last post, I mentioned that my recently aquired pizzeria is located next to a junior college. Now that school is out, my sales has dropped dramatically…down to about $200/day, my normal sales is only around $500 mon-fri, closed weekends.

Summer session is about to start next week and so I hope business will pick up a little. I’m also looking into launching a delivery program next month which I’ll probably post again for advices.

Our sales is about 90% by the slice which has been very challenging duing this off season to keep slices available for ramdom walk-ins. Sometime we don’t even have anyone walk through the door for over a
1 1/2 hours. We end up baking a fresh pie, and when the next customer walks in, its already over an hour old. Its been very challenging. Anyone have any ideas on how to handle this situation???

Now for my main question, I have made an appointment with the Dean of the the junior college who’s in charge of enrollment. I like to present the idea of attaching a coupon for a slice of free pizza (during 2-4pm when I’m most slow) to be inserted into their enrollment packet. We constantly receive comments from students that they didn’t know we’re here despite being right next to the school because we’re on the other side of the parking lot, and so alot of students never get to see us if they drove to school.

Can anyone tell me if this would be a good idea or one that’ll make me loose money by giving away all these slices of pizza.

Also if the Dean opposes to my proposal, what other ideas should I propose to the Dean that might get a “Yes” ???

Don’t limit it to certain hours. You want to put your product in as many mouths as possible, the more sampleing, the more new customers. If he allows you to insert these coupons, get as much bang for your buck as possible. As far as losing money by giving away slices, my guess is with added on sides, slices and sodas, you will initially break even. Every long term customer you gain is just money in the bank.

  1. I don’t think you’ll get broke from giving each student ONE free slice. Make sure it’s an actual coupon that has to be redeemed, that they can’t print fakes and get a slice every day…

  2. If the dean resists, perhaps tie it in to something the dean wants? Like “show us your completed registration packet for a free slice”. Or “Show us your 3.0 gpa for a free slice”.

  3. Undercook your slice pies a little. Then do a 2-3 minute reheat when ordered.

You don’t say which “Dean” you are speaking with. There are several good entry points into the student life and awareness. Daen of Admissions often does enrollment; Dean of Students does more with ongoing programming for students on campus. Student life/services/programming might be a good entry if this meeting you have scheduled doesn’t pan out. They generally do all sorts of impact programming at colleges for students for socializing, health education, study skills, etc. End f semester often has “stress packages” sales that you can get into the run with couponjs donated.

Let us know what school, and I can do some quick reconnaissance to give a better strategy. My wife was Alumni Services Director and provided student programming at an Atlanta college before we made pizza for a living.

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Hello Lila,I would personally do a buy one get one Free.This way you bring some revenue in and you are also giving them something free.This also makes them come back again for the free slice and maybe w/ a friend.

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sure. nick AT grantville DOT net


Did you get my email I sent yesterday??

Got the email. There’s a lot going on in it, and I am digesting it. Yesterday was long day with the vendors and such. I will respond, just need some time to ponder it all.