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George: Can I bounce this idea off of you for feedback? We are about to move our operation from central Ohio to Reno, NV. and will be moving 2- blodgett 1000 ovens along with other pizzeria stuff/our house hold goods via the largest UHaul truck. The Uhaul truck has air ride so hopefully it will not be too jarring in the storage area. My concern is the stones not getting cracked. My idea is this. Nail a piece of plywood on a pallet (to the dimensions of the pallet) then 2" blue foam rigid insulation foam cut to just larger than the size of the stones, then a stone, then foam, then a stone, until we have 4 stones packed on the pallet one on top of the other with another piece of plywood on the top of the last stone which will be covered with foam. We will then strap them down to keep them in place. The stones are 1.5" thick and I am thinking with this set up they will not crack. I was told to crate them vertically but that would be a big hassle but if necessary we will have someone do that for us. Thanks and if anyone else has input on this I sure would appreciate it. Walter

blue foam

I do mobile events with Catle ovens that have 3/4" stones. We place cardboard between the stones for transit and haven’t had one break. I think 1" foam would be enough for your application. Your procedure should work fine. One thing to note is the weight capacity of the truck you will drive. I believe the 26’ Uhauls carry around 7,000-8,000# of cargo. Depending upon what equipment your bringing, you may vastly exceed the truck’s rating. People do it all the time but keep that in mind. If your overweight, I wouldn’t recommend pulling into a State truck weigh station as they won’t let you leave till the truck is the proper weight.
Also, technically if your driving a truck for business, your supposed to have a log book, medical card, IRP, IFTA, etc. Just pack the household stuff at the back door and if you get pulled oven say your moving.
Nevada is notorious for picking off rental trucks and pick up trucks with trailers. A friend was going to an event driving a pick up truck with trailer when he got pulled over. Officer says “where you heading”, and he says he’s vending at a show up north. Since the combined weight of his pick up truck and trailer exceeded 10,000#, and he was engaged in commercial activity he got popped for no commercial insurance, no log book, no medical card. Cost him over $1,000. If he had said going to meet friends and have a BBQ, then commercial regs wouldn’t apply.
Good luck with the move.

pizza99: Thanks for all that info! We will be hauling the pizzeria stuff in the front of the cargo area and our home furnishing in the rear. We will call it a family home relocation if asked. I couldn’t find on the UHaul site the cargo weight. I will look into that. We will be towing one of our cars (honda CRV) on a UHaul trailer. I use to own a 40 ft bus that my band traveled in so I am aware of the weight limits. I think we will come in well under 8k pounds in cargo. We live very simple and are coming from a 800 sqft house so our household furnishings are near nill and other than the ovens (1600 pounds and a 60" prep fridge (300 poundish)) it is all small stuff. Uhaul site says we don’t have to stop at weigh stations. Walter

…and who’s to say you won’t have a pizza oven outside on your patio! :slight_smile:

The pizzeria stuff will be covered by the home furnishing and home boxed stuff.

Your packaging sounds fine, good luck on your move.

George Mills

Thanks George. That takes a big load of stress of me. Walter

You are welcome. always willing to help as best I can.

As a former insurance adjuster I see some “bugs” in this plan…Hopefully you do not have an accident enroute but if you do and call these “household goods” you may have a big problem with your claim…Good luck…

Royce makes a good point
George Mills