Calling on experience !

OK - I need some expert advice from someone who’s done a new startup and has gone through a year or two.

We’ve seen really great growth and I don’t know to expect it to stay that way or is it more typical that you see a bump and it will go down and settle. How long do you track the “upswing” before expecting it to go down (if it does)?

My reasoning is…I have a full-time job and support the pizzaria with 40-60 hours a week. I would love to quit the day job but that guaranteed paycheck is a hard thing to give up until the pizzaria income is stable.

How long you been open?

just under 8 months

we were open for 3.5 years and every year we got busier and every month we got busier. I can remember when we did 500 per day we thought that was good and then started averaging 800 per day, no advertising. We did very little dine in only had seats for about 25 , no delivery and only served pizza. We justed moved to a new location and want to expand the menu, much bigger and a party room and we have been open a week at the new location and ahve been slammed, almost triple the business of the old location and still haven’t advertised and haven’t been able to expand the menu due to no time, spending all our time preping and getting ready for pizza sales. New location have a 15 lcd tv at every table and we serve beer. The front area has seating for 80 something people. good luck and be careful what you wish for :slight_smile: I have a full time time but my brother doesn’t and he runs the pizza place, we are both dead, working for 8 am to 11 or 12 pm.

:slight_smile: I know what you mean! We were happy to break that $500 - on the weekend we looked forward to breaking $1000.

Last week we did $6900. Our advertising consists of a building banner (and signs), a 30 ft blowup and handing out menus. We started doorhanging but after about 200 we noticed a major printing error and had to discontinue. We’ve done opening day at the racetrack, slices at a car show, and donated pizzas for the children’s walk at the Cancer Society’s Walk for Life this past weekend.

OK, so I’ll track it for 3 more months, if it continues, I’ll quit the day job and depend on the pizzaria for income. Thanks!