We have a conveyer oven set at 507 degrees and belt speed at 5 min. We don’t want to change the settings. What is the best way to cook calzones and stromboli. Ours is done on the outside but never completely done on the inside. Thanks.

The only option that I see is to make them smaller in size. You might try reducing the dough weight first and making the sams size to see if the lighter dough weight will allow them to bake better, but my gusee is that they will just get too dark on the outside. If that happens, use the same dough thickness that you are presently using but go to a smaller diameter.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

how much should each dough ball weigh & Cheese?

you also might want to try using warmed sauce and pre warming your toppings.

we use a MM 360 at the old store…we make a series of DEEP cuts/slits (10) and that seems to work fine…a bit of the ricotta melts out, but it looks great when we brush it w/garlic oil & parmesan/spice

it seems to me i’ve seen a product that you stick into the calzones that helps them bake. it kind of looks like a pizza stack lid support but is a little larger and made of heat conducting metal of course…this helps transfer the heat to the insides. i haven’t seen them in the catalogs lately but i’ll do some checking and let you know if i find one.

I don’t think you’ll ever get a good complete bake at 5 minutes.

We have our oven set at about 475 for 6 minutes and is just barely enough time for the inside to cook enough.

What size calzone are you trying to make? What size are you presently having trouble making?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You may be talking about a “speed bake”. They cmoe in various diamteres, made of aluminum, non-stick coated . . . and priced like they’re gold filled. I use one for my heavy loaded “Train Wreck” pizzas with 21 toppings. they don’t always heat all the way through in a standard bake, so we pop this jewel on in the deck after a 2 minute dough setting bake.

It works great, but the perforation in the 'zone or 'boli might not be the presentation you are seeking. It is worth a shot if the cost isn’t off-putting. <> Mine is an item I purchased thru[/url] , and it was about $40 for the 7" diameter model. Well worth it to me as we use it for pizzas with profit contribution of 17.60 each, and we sell 4 or 5 a week. May be a steep price to get several if you’re not moving enough products to get ROI. They show as “on order” right now . . . [url=]

Let me know if you find some inexpensive ones. I am in the market for a couple more, but don’t squeel with joy at the $40 price tag for more of them.

Hello Chuck,I know you don’t want to but just try 490’ @ 6 min.this will give you a gr8 baked strom. and pizza.


cover with foil…we use the foil pans for takeout flattened out and put thru again for a couple minutes to cook the inside and not burn the outside…aslo definitely make the slits before you put in

Cutting slits through the stromboli is the key. We cut down through everything but the bottom layer of dough and bake at 500 for 4:25. It comes out perfect and everyone raves about our stromboli. We make the cuts about every inch.