Hi. I’m sre this has been talked about before but…

We have Calzones on our menu and we’re having trouble with they way they come out. We use a 10" dough, roll it to 12", sauce it, add cheese and toppings that the guests order. We flip it over, seal it and then bake it. The dough puffs up and when it’s done, we cut it in half and there is lots of "space/air inside. We’re also concerned with the raw sausage we put in it. We’ve done some testers and sometimes it looks like it’s not cooked all the way. How do you make your calzones? Another local shop makes them and it looks like they fill the middle and then pull the edges in towards the center - but the sides don’t touch each other.

Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

Hello Cal.,we par cook our sausage never use a raw saus…As far as the calzone is made you just toss it as if you were making a pie then add toppings in the center,flip the left side over to the right,pinch it together well then cut it w/ a calzone cutter.Do not forget to cut a couple of slices into the top of the calzone before it goes into the oven for this will keep it from blowing up and giving you the big air pocket.We also brush a little butter on top when it comes out.but thats just our little touch…Hope this helps you


ya need some “vent” holes, specially if using an impingement oven…

we do it much like goomba does only we cut it with a pizza cutter and add a little oil on top as well, it gives it a nice color when finished

RECAP: fold regular pizza circle, cut vent holes, use precooked meats, baste with butter/oil to finish and serve

My added bonus information is that we use our deck @ 565F or so to bake these off, and sometimes (often) have browned crust before center is up to temp (we use instant read thermometer through the vent holes. So, we have added a new technique to make it more effective in the oven we use.

We use two screens and put a steel mixing bowl inverted over top of the calzone to create a mini oven inside. This reduces external browning while insides come up to temp. Once the crust under the bowl begins to brown, we remove bowl and finish the bake. Same technique works for stromboli. Our bowls are about 12" diameter for a 10" screen. It is quicker and simpler than the foil we pere putting on the crimped crust to prevent burning.


We use a 12" skin. Toss it out to about 14" and trim back to 12". Put all ingredients on one side, fold in half, work the edges to seal it, slice vents in the top and run through the oven. We use all pre-cooked meats.

don’t “dress” the calzone w/an oil/butter product while baking…it will brown way 2 soon…when it is finished cooking, brush it w/garlic oil & parm…lottsa vent holes as well…

Thanks everyone! It’s greatly appreciated! Will try out the suggestions tomorrow!