Can any shops in NY verify this?

I came across this article today and thought it was kind of interesting. I am sure that not all pizza slices cost the same, but in general is this correlation accurate? … ollow-suit

I’m in Buffalo and we charge $2.50 for a slice of CP. We cut an 18" round into 6. Everyone always compliments on how big our slices are.

I’m in Buffalo and we charge $2.31(2.50w/tax) for a slice of CP. We cut an 18" round into 8. Not as big as your slices but we dont have any complaints.

Grasso, do you advertise that you have an 18" pie instead of 16" or 17", the norm here. We currently don’t really mention it but I am thinking we should.

Slices are not a big thing for us. Just a few neighbors coming by each day. We sell whatever kind of pizza the cooks wants to make for $2 a slice. 16" pie cut into 8 slices. That gets us $16 which is fine with us for the neighbors… but then we only sell 20-40 slices a day.

During the 10 years we owned our second shop, a slice location at the ski mountain, we cut a 16" pie in 6 slices and sold cheese or pepperoni for $3.00 and five topping combos for $4.00 a slice. We were VERY busy doing 400-500 slices for a lunch rush and up to 1000 slices on really big days. We were open from 10-5 daily.

It was like that in the late '80’s and early 90’s – the last time I lived in NYC. But about a year ago I was reading in the NY Times about places that are really taking off in certain sections of the city (Manhatten is all that was mentioned) doing 99 cent slices. One guy did it as a promotion in opening and it just grew from there. Obviously you get what you pay for (and the article pointed that out). Anyway, you could search for it in the Times if interested. It would be interesting to see if those places survived. BTW, I’m not a proponent of 99 cent slices; just letting you know about an article I read. Sorry about the digression. An interesting correlation. That said, I’d be more upset about paying $2.50 for a subway ride than for a slice of pizza!