Can anyone recommend a Pizza Oven for Pretzels

Hi. I am after a pizza oven to make pretzels. I notice most pretzel stores use Bakers Pride however, I have read that these stone based ovens (e.g. Bakers Pride P18 and Lincat PO49x etc) need time to get back up to the right temperature after each pizza etc. Is this true for every brand? I believe these would be at about 400-500 degrees C though.

I will be making pretzels at about 200-300 C (392 - 572 deg F). Does anyone know if these ovens would require recovery time at these temperature ranges? Or I might be better off with one without a stone e.g. Lincat LPO model (grill style oven) or a conventional oven.

Can anyone help please? Thanks.

Hi 5u9ar

Major pretzel manufacturing companies use conveyor ovens;

The air impingement oven bake the top and bottom of the pretzels at the same temperature.

The temperature of the air baking the product remains consistent.

How many pretzels per hour do you wish to produce?

George Mills

Actually, a good many of the smaller pretzel shops use air impingement ovens to bake pretzels. In addition to pizza, they also make “killer” pretzels and bagels, much better than any deck oven can, and a lot faster too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for your replies gentlemen … sorry, I didn’t realise anyone had responded.

I will be making about 54 pretzels an hour at peak time if I get a single deck oven. And can get another in future. I’m looking at an operation similar to the likes of Auntie Anne’s/Mr Pretzel etc not like Philly Soft Pretzels etc.

Unfortunately, I have very limited funds and would rather not borrow hence the conveyor oven might be too pricey for me. I am based in the UK and it appears Lincat is the more popular brand and not Bakers Pride. Just can’t figure out if they are as good as each other.

I am presuming from your replies that a stone based oven isn’t a necessity for pretzels. Will a grill style do e.g. the Lincat Lynx 400.

Thank you.