Can anyone recommend a vendor in Southern California?

We are looking for a new “main” supplier of our pizza products – one that tends towards the upper end of quality.

Besides Sysco or US Foods . . .

you can try concord and jacmar i have good luck with both of them

Having product problems with Concord, hence the reason for looking, and imo Jacmar’s products were not what we were looking for.

ok what about roma??

there is tama to but i have not done any thing with them in many years,what problems you have with concord??i have used then here for 3 yrs and its been only ok

when I was in san diego we used Roma with good results…sysco sucked

Concord tends to run out (or not keep up with stock) of different items we use. Sometimes a product does not look right and we don’t get very good explanations of why. i.e. raw sausage delivered bright orange, breaded chicken tenders very tough like they have been thawed and frozen a few times, we are getting way too much water run off from their cheese whether it is on a pizza or lasagna or whatever. A big annoyance right now is that they can only get us the 50lb bags of All Trumps and Superlative. Its a pain to weigh out the flour for every batch.

Never heard of tama.

Sysco is expensive and I feel like I have to spend too much time watching the invoices for their little “product input” errors = accidental price hike.

I’ve heard Roma is a little like Sysco, maybe not as bad? Seems they are my only alternative.