Can Anyone Share Their Experience with a Ventless Fryer?

Not sure if putting in a hood system makes financial sense at this point. Currently doing oven baked wings & boneless tenders but want to go the fried route and expand.

How do they compare to a traditional fryer in producing a quality product? Differences in recovery, capacity or maintenance?

Any brand recommendations? Models?

we have an unusual one - not one the more common “table-top” brands…

ours is actually a pressure fryer - I’ve cooked 8-way chicken in it b4…it has a built in ansel system & self-contained exhaust…hold 35# of oil…you can find them sometimes on ebay…

the common complaint I hear w/counter-top versions is capacity…not enough

very expensive units - usually more expensive than a standalone fryer plus and a hood installation…

ya, but…I bought mine on ebay several yrs ago - $750 for a $13k machine…

We added one about a month ago - huge benefit to us. Just sets on the counter, cleaning each night, replace oil twice a week. We’re doing almost $1,000 additional business just from the fryer - really driving average ticket prices. Total cost under $5,000

Works great and is idiot-proof and mostly accident proof. Would definately recommend! Wish we had bought a bigger one!

What brands and model #'s do you guys have?

I have one an autofry MTi-10 great piece of equiptment. I got it for like 1600 off of Ebay. Works great no recovery time just keep loading it up. I like the fact that employees can’t stick their hands in the grease or accidently forget to pull a basket out. The unit is fool proof. While building my next store I picked up a MTI-40 I haven’t hooked it up yet but I am sure I’ll be pleased. On a side note the customer service at Motion Tech (autofry) is also excelent

We have an Autofry