Can I hire one of you to answer all my start-up stupid questions?

In all seriousness, I would love to chat with someone who was/is in the industry and can lend me an hour of their time. I am completely new to the idea of making pizza and I have a lot of questions. I need to know where to start with prepping the dough, etc. I’ve been doing extensive research over the last year, but I want to talk to someone in real time to chat back and forth.
Preferably someone with making pizzas quickly and with electric/gas ovens.

i am in Houston Texas, what is your location?

I can be available if you want to chat. Send me a private message

Find somebody close to you physically- that will help.
Know we are all happy yo help but sometimes you gotta stand next to the guy to “get it”!

Pm me if you would like to chat. I will talk you out of it. [emoji736]

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You can’t learn how to make pizza by talking to someone. You don’t even know what questions to ask.

Get a job in the biz. That’s the only way.

West Texas

I’m going to do that also.

I plan on doing that also!

I don’t have time to go work for someone else, I can watch all of the chain pizza restaurants emoloyee training videos online, which I have. I am going to have someone local come work with me, but I just have some preliminary questions. There’s really no pizza place around that does what I plan on doing. They’re either the expensive gourmet pizzas that take forever to make or chain places here.

Lol I’m curious.

At some point you will need someone to draw the plans for your new shop. We would like to work with you on your project
George Mills

What kind of questions are we talking about? Formulation/dough/sauce/ prep/baking, or ops?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You don’t have to point a gun, I’ll talk I’m up in Spring. Where’s your place?

You mean spring Texas, around I- 45 ?

Thanks, I will! also, you still use AOL? Sorry I just have to ask lol!

Hi! yes, more so the process of the dough and the refrigeration process. I have a good idea on the recipe for the dough and sauce but I have questions like how long do they need to be in the freezer and such. I have really enjoyed watching the videos on the website and reading your posts, Tom.

Yes, Near Louetta and Kuykendahl

That is not too far from me at all, i will visit you. what’s a name of the place. you can PM me. I have not figured out how to PM yet…:wink:

i’m heading to Amsterdam for vacation now. Be back Memorial Day. Will touch base then.

Feel free to give me a call at 785-537-1037 (Manhattan, Kansas) to discuss your needs in greater detail.
Be sure to send me an e-mail letting me know when you’re calling so I can be at my desk to take your call.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor