Can I recharge my pizza prep table

I know there is a slow leak in my prep table and I keep having it recharged by a professional about every five months. Was wondering if I could easily do it myself. It doesn’t seem that difficult.


Why not just fix the leak? An electronic leak detector can pinpoint a leak just about anywhere.

I’m not sure where you live, but I know in my state only a licensed professional can purchase the gas(es) required to recharge cooling systems.

If you really want to try and learn how to do it yourself, I suspect this isn’t the place to learn. Google “easy DIY refrigerant recharging”.

Sure, you can do it. I used to do a lot of automotive work and once I realized that most of the tables were r134a I figured I’d try. I bought a set of gauges (150) and I had a canister of r134a, but you can get it at the auto parts store. It was every bit of 150 to get somebody just to come out and add some freon. One of my tables is a 5 yr old Larosa. I have had three different places look at it and none of them could find the leak. So, when it starts acting up I hook my gauges up and check it and top off if needed. I would definitely try to talk somebody into showing you the basics if you are not familiar. And definitely make sure you are using the right refrigerant. I couldn’t survive if I didn’t fix as much as I can myself.

I think I’ll go that route. He wants 800 to fix the leak. I figured the gauges and all would cost the 150 he charges to recharge. I’ll try searching utube.

I think you should just bite the bullet and fix the leak. Refrigerant is hazardous and environmentally unfriendly. Not too mention the constant expense of recharging the system. Also, what is the dollar loss if the system fails and you lose the contents overnight? What if nobody catches the failed cooling levels and someone gets sick from eating improperly cooled food items? I would shop around for a better estimate to fix the leak and move on. Good luck.

a friend of mine retro fit mine to take 134a and I love it, my gauges were on 45 at harbor freights and its just like a car fill it up with one or two cans about every 18months and saved a TON!