Can I use a Pizza Sheeter to sheet pasta?

So I have this cooking contest I’m entering in a couple months for my pizzeria, and I had the idea of doing a type of ravioli. Thing is though, I would need to make 300+ ravioli and I’m hoping the current equipment we have would be usable to make the pasta dough. I have a hobart floor mixer to mix the dough, but the deal breaker is, Can i use my pizza sheeter to sheet my pasta dough? We have the Somerset CDR-2000 roller. Can this roller sheet my pasta thin enough, or am I out of luck?

possibly…but you will simply have to try it.

Even if it does not get it as thin as you would like, you can use it as a starting point. When it comes out of the sheeter, use a rolling pin to finish it off.

Just be sure to have the pasta as cold as possible. Use cold water to mix it up. This way when it goes through the sheeter it will “bind” together and you will have a better chance of making it thinner.

I also think if you called the manufacturer, they could tell you more specifics in dealing with pasta.

I’m in the same boat. Never done it before. The only thing you will need to watch is the speed of the rolls, the dough sheeter is set up with the rolls running faster than any pasta sheeter I have seen. If this poses a problem, you might try opening the rolls all the way up and then incrementally closing them with each pass of the dough. This will be much more gentle on the dough and the gradual reduction just might work.
Please let us know how it works for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We’ve done it on a somerset doublepass with vinyl rollers and it works well. As Tom stated, multiple passes is the key. You won’t get the correct thickness on a single pass through each roller. Also, we used bench flour to help which probably was not proper for the pasta but did make it easier.

chill your pasta dough thoroughly … think at least 2 hours. Flouring liberally is common for hand rolling … gotta be essentially for fast rolling machine. It take 5 or 6 passed with a hand crank to get it down, so be patient, and go gradually, at least 4 passes I am thinking, dusting w flour after each pass. Sticking would likely be epic fail.