Can’t get people in!

A little background-we’ve been open for 3 yrs in January. Our feedback is amazing. 4.9 stars on fb. Great on google and yelp!
We’ve done direct-door marketing. Giveaways, fb, been involved with community. And yet still struggling.

Our location is in a town full of homes. Lots of choices to go elsewhere but not direct pizza competition. Mcd-Taco Bell etc. we aren’t on the main strip but surrounded by neighborhoods.
Struggling to make it, we’ve cut food costs. We work 7 days a week.
Any marketing ideas? I fear our location is the problem.

Jessica ,

Go back and check your yearly sales since you began. If your going up year over year , then just sit.

I remember years 1-3 were a challenge for me. I started seeing better numbers after year 4.

Check your food cost for items and make sure nothing is out of whack too .

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I agree with RobT, as long as your sales are still increasing, hold tight. The beginning is a grind. When we started, some days we wouldn’t even do $100 for the entire day. We’re 4 years in now and as long as sales are still trending in the right direction, I’m happy. The best ROI when starting out for me was facebook advertising. Once a started spending $20 a week, I definitely started getting more traffic. We did some post card mailers too, but those were really expensive and actually worked too well. The weekend they would go out we would get swamped and not have the staff to handle it. Within a week or too that extra boost in sales would be gone and we would be pretty much back to square one.

EDDM works for us

Few Ideas, to help you drive traffic:

  1. Develop a marketing calendar…it’s your roadmap so you don’t get lost.

  2. Take Pies to 5-businesses every week.

  3. Any hotels near by? Pay the Desk Clerks in GCs for referrals/sales.

  4. Provide Bounce Backs to local Dry Cleaners, Oil Change and Full Service Car Washes…

  5. Partner with the Schools…ANY WAY POSSIBLE!!!

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Thanks for info

I’ve been open for 9 months and the first 6 months, sales were trending up but the last 3 months, it’s plateaued and I’m trying Facebook, Instagram and approaching local business. See if you can attend the local chamber of commerce meetings - they’ve brought me some clients. Google works well for us. Yelp not so much.

Important Question

Are you building a database of your current
customers and inviting them back?

Email is Good … Text is MUCH better

Have signage in your store that says

Get 15% off your Meal
Text Pizza to 12345

Now you can send them text messages whenever
you are having a slow day and invite them back in

You can also tell them to bring their friends for a
special offer.

There are 3 ways to Increase Revenue

1 - Increase Average Ticket
2 - Get More Customers
3 - Get Current custimers to come more often

A text Based VIP club will help with 2 and 3 and
depending on your offer may help with #1 as well.


Without knowing your market or the details, what sets you apart from the other restaurants? Maybe take a look at the ethnic backgrounds of your clientele and see what may appeal to them. I read an article years ago about pizza in Russia. They wanted very little cheese and sardines were the most popular topping.