Can you cook directly on a Rotoflex deck?

Saw the Rotoflex for sale post and it got me thinking. I’m guessing you have to use pans or screens with it, right? It seems like it would be very difficult to slide a pizza directly onto a moving deck and have it stay a circle.

I have only seen them in use at Peter Piper Pizza here in Tucson, but they slide the pizza right off onto the deck. They use prep boards to make the pizza on that has been dusted with cornmeal and then slide it right onto the deck. They aren’t very particular about cleaning the deck though because we always wind up with some slices of pizza that have burnt to a crisp globs of cornmeal super glued to the bottom of the crust! It is just gross! To bad I have to take my five year old son there because he likes to play the games so much. LOL!

David McGuire

You can cook directly on the deck. The technique is a little different, and it may take you a few tries. However, it’s a piece of cake once you have it down. As long as you don’t get scared or try to go too slow, it will stay nice and round, honest!

The decks have to be cleaned just like any other deck. Scrape with a wire brush, and wipe off with with a rag. Yes, while it it’s moving.

FYI, we use regular flour to dust the board.

Thanks Heather and Pizzamagoo!

I can see it would take some practice. Right now we’re considering a 3rd Blodgett 1060 in our store to keep up with increased volume. But we’re opening a new store in March and we’re considering going with the Rotoflex from the beginning.

If you need more than 2 blodgett 1060’s go woth the Rotoflex from the start. It will take a week to get used to but you will not be disappointed…there is no way we could have added delivery without the Rotoflex…HIGHLy RECOMMENDED!!

If memory serves, it turns at 4 RPMs.