Canadian bacon discoloration

We have shad an issue with our Canadian bacon/ pork roll turning gray when stored in a fridge over night on a Hawaiian pizza. We are thinking it is from a chemical reaction to the pineapple juice. This has never happened before to my knowledge in 18 years of business. But has been a recurring problem for the last 6 months or so.

Has anyone else ever seen this or heard of this happening?

Just a stupid question on my part, why would you have a dressed out pizza sitting in the walkin over nite??
Is it fully cooked or raw ? Is it in a air tight sealed container? Maybe they discontinued the nitrates which keep it pink?

Sorry, should have clarified. Those are the complaints from a few customers. So I did some experimenting and I received the same res. Even switched around multiple meat suppliers and options. Very strange!

I received the same *results.

I have not heard such a thing, have you tried just cooking the canadian bacon separately, by itself in a pan and leaving overnight in fridge, in a sealed container?. Maybe the gov. & meat industry is experimenting with no nitrates. Have you watched the documentary about nitrates, its very mind blowing. The meat industry would go bellyup if they eliminated nitrates as no one would buy gray looking meats

Interesting. I haven’t watched. I have cooked up a pizza with just Canadian bacon(no pineapple). And left it in the fridge overnight and it doesn’t happen. It’s only on pieces and spots that pineapple is touching. It’s very strange

Yes its a very interesting video, you should absolutely watch. Ive never experienced it myself, and ive ate plently of Canadian bacon and pineapple slices in my life time, not recently though, as when the pandemic hit, prices were out of control and i just stop carrying it and never added it back, also I do fresh cut pineapple, never canned. Maybe something to do with canned pineapple, I dont know. Try using fresh cut pineapple and see what happens

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