Canadian Cheese Prices

Newbie to the pizza biz here and I’m wondering what other Canadian Operatoers are paying for there cheese?
We locked in a price with Saputo brand “Stella” Part Skim 17% M.F. Mozzarella at $8.95/ KG or $4.06 per pound block. We locked in before the Price Increase notice and i quote

" Our domestic cheese & dairy product prices will be increasing Feb 01 2009. this increase is the result of an industrial milk increase by the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC). Please contact your sales rep for details and new pricing."

My shop just switched from Sysco for our cheese requirements except for Jack cheese and this new saving will save us about 5k per year from our projected sales figure.

Anyhow, any feedback on what your paying would be great, help put my mind at ease.

I am using Parmalate’s Racolli Plus at $10.19/kg it has beenat that price since July. I am anticipating an increase of 30 to 40 cents per kg.