Canadian Pizza options for cheese

Seems like here in canada we don’t have the same set of options for pizza supplies as our southern friends…

For example cheese; I have been researching the different cheeses and Grande sounded like something a guy would want to try, then I read that its not available in Canada

So my question is for my fellow canucks on the board. What brand cheese do you use and what options are out there ?

call mondo foods in winnipeg ask for tom denardi

I grate and blend my cheese. I use Ricolli (18%) and Full fat (27%) You can get it from GFS/Bridge brand and I am sure a few other suppliers as well

In BC GFS is Neptune. I usa straight Raccolli Plus which I shred myself. I have purchased it From Sysco, GFS, and am told I can get it from Ebberhart Foods. It is distributed to the foodservices by Parmalaut.

south of winnipeg 20 miles or so
let me know

Thx for the tips