Canceled Orders!

Do you get these often when they place the order 10 minutes later they will call and cancel it!!.. I hate when they call and say “yo cancel ma order” … i had them call in nicely and appologize and cancel thats different … but they place an order for 2 large and 20 wings and call in “yeah cancel that”

I got some this week… drives me crazy

We bought a shop where the previous owner only sold 12" thin crust with your choice of 5 toppings including anchovies. It had been in the area for 40 plus years. People would call us and say “I want 1 with everything no anchovies.” Even though we answered the phones with our name, we had to explain all the time that we were different with 18 different toppings.

People would stiff us once a week on orders even after we told them about ourselves. It kept going for roughly 6 moths, but it got old. I wish they would have called ahead of time instead of letting us make it, then stiffing us on it.

not worth anytime thinking or talking about it happens and when it does move on give it no thought. Use your energies serving the ones who didn’t cancel.

When an order gets cancelled depending on what stage the order is at determines what we do. If the order is already cooked a note is put on the customer’s file and the firefighters get free food.

hehe good advice :slight_smile:

Cancellations are better than no shows. If they call soon enough with a cancellation, there may be a chance to salvage the food for another order. But with no shows, the food just sits there and gets nasty. Either way, I make a note about the incident in my POS. If and when they call again, I just politely tell them that we need a credit card before we can start their order. Works pretty well.

The ones I tend to not appreciate are the ones where the driver goes out, no one answers when you absolutely have the right location…and when the driver comes back to the shop, we get a call saying “the driver never showed up, yada yada” and they get free, fresh pizza re-delivered, even though they were the ones who didn’t answer the door or their contact phone.

Our boss is working on something for this though…one area in particular is fixing to get delivery shut down due to those type of customers (it’s a rougher neighborhood anyway)…and we’re the only one in town that will deliver there…hope it was worth it, you know?

I tend to disagree.

Yes, it’s worth talking about, because what if another owner/op has a great solution to this problem for them that you can in turn use?

I know everyone wants to have nothing but positive to say, but come on, it’s customer service…any time you deal with people, you’re going to have good and bad days…but how can we learn from the negative if we get nixed every time we vent on a bulletin board?

Better here than directly to the customer’s face, IMO.

Here’s another use for canceled orders. Some pizzeria does a “random act of pizza love/kindness” or something like that for a promo. They go to a park and give out a couple of pizzas and some flyers. Same could be done for canceled orders or mistakes.

When I was a driver with Dominoes years ago, we would drive over to the college campus with these pizzas and sell them for $5 a piece to anyone we could find.

Lots of ways to get some mileage out of lost sales…

Ive got a huge problem, but they dont cancel. The phone book put my phone number in the phone book as one with a different address about 10 miles away… No matter how we answer the phone, ask people if they know where we are, people dont listen, and with so many cell phones we cant see the area they are calling from. Still get at least 5 orders a week that were meant for the other store, it used to average about 20. Talk about frustrating, all that food. The yellow pages still keeps trying to send me a bill for the ad.

i’d send them back a bill with the orders you lost.
and dont forget to put FINAL NOTICE in big red letters on it :twisted: