Canned or fresh peppers?

since we have the mushroom debate and i have decided to switch to fresh mushrooms… thank you all… i figured i would ring up the debate… who is using pepper out of a can? I use fresh bell peppers and roast them a while myself… what are all of you doin out there??

I don’t recall ever having seen a canned green pepper. I cannot imagine it would hold up. Things like jalapenos, obviously can come from a can, and is probably expected. But green peppers? I just didn’t know it was possible.

I’ve used frozen green peppers before and they were adequate, not perfect, but adequate. The only reason was that I sold so little of them that I couldn’t buy fresh ones by the case and supermarket prices could kill me.

u have never seen canned pepper? they are sold in in strips… very common

Fresh. We put them through the food chopper. Used to slice them, but switched to the chopper a year ago. Tomato, and onion the same way, ( I was outa town for the mushroom poll, we use canned)
Tom R