I was looking to add cannoli’s to my menu, so I went to RD and picked up a case of shells & cream, good price by the way my cost to make 1 is .71 cents, I went to a high end Italian restaurant to check out their’s because they have them listed for $3.65…WOW…get 1 & its the same exact size shell, and their cream was honestly not as good as the “Supremo Italiano” my cream was alot more creamier and tasted fresher. So why are they charging sooooo much I could sell mine for $2 and still make a decent profit

The only turn off with theirs & my shells was they seemed real dark, are the shells suppose to be on the dark side ???

Hey Daisy, want to make it even cheaper? RD has whipped ricotta that we mix with powder sugar and a little vanilla, Also RD has the Mini’s and the shells dipped in Chocolate, we decided on doing the minis because can give them 3 for the price of one or do a 6 pack and touch the whole family.

oh and to answer your question, I always open the box because some are a lot darker than others, what side of the world are you on? I may visit in some of my travels

I thought about the chocolate covered ones, I figured they might be to sweet, but good idea on the minis. Im in Mid-MI.

Are the shells always “hard” is there a way to soften them or are they suppose to be hard??

We sell the mini ones, $3.25 for 3. People love them.

we sell them for $3.50, we sell tons!!! and a soft shell is a sign of a old cannoli, they should always be filled to order. if you fill them and let them sit for a day the shell will soak up the moister from the filling and get soft and soggy.

Ok, I understand now, so I want them crunchy & hard… ;). Thanks for that tidbit of info… Yeah we are filling to order, not ahead of

yeah, think of like waffle cone!

and what to do with the broken shells ?? we call them cannoli dipping trays; but I like cannoli nachos even better!
cannoli nachos.png

AWSEOME…Looks delic…

Do the shells come frozen and then you prep (thaw) some each day? Or are they packaged at room temperature?

The shells (mentioned above) are packaged at room temperature. I seal them up in a dough box and they stay fresh for quite awhile.

Whats the best type of chocolate syrup?? I was thinking something a bit on the thicker side than just Hershey syrup or is that the best type to use

I would just use dark chocolate. melt over a double boiler, dip the shells, set aside to dry… When your done put the left over chocolate in a container for next time.

I may be reading her wrong but possible talking about drizzling chocolate on them? If so RD has mini choc chips that IMO works better syrup is way to messy

Went to RD yesterday to pick up more cannolis, and to much my suprise, they only had 2 cases left of them (Supremo Italiano). BUT the manager came back & said I have good news, they had a whole skid of another brand sitting there pic is below. anyway he said I can have all I want for FREE, only bad news is they were out dated from Nov 2013, I opened a case and tasted them, they were fine so I grabbed 8 cases :D, they equals out to $136 FREE… if they go stale I can always just pop them in the oven for a second, break them up & make cannoli nachos

How much or how many broken shells do you think you use for an order, and what do you cost yours at. I did a batch up and used 12 shells with 4oz of cream, I inputted this into my recipe data base & its telling me for around a 33% markup I should sell them for $15. That seems a bit high to me I was thinking somewhere around $5,99 - $7.99

If you use a broad-line distributor, they sell boxes of the chips to make cannoli nachos with at a much lower cost. I wouldn’t intentionally crush good ones - just add the whole ones that break and can’t be used otherwise to the box.

Do you have a fryer? When we do cannoli we make the shells ourselves. They’re ridiculously easy to make and cheap at less than 1 cent each, but it’s tedious to roll them and fry them all. But if you just want to make cannoli “nachos” you can make make a batch, fry them as sheets, and crack them. I’d guess you could do enough to last a week in less than an hour.

We do the nachos for catering call it a cannoli dipping tray use about 12 shells and 14 oz of filling for 35 bucks. and I’ve made my own shells before and they are way better than store bought, I get them now from a local bakery at a good price and they have the best filling I’ve ever tasted to go with it.