Canola Oil vs Olive Oil (oiling dough balls)

Hi Tom & Folks,
Just wondering if I should notice a difference in the final pizza crust if I lightly oil my dough balls with olive oil instead of canola oil (what I do now).
Am using the standard dough management process of your’s Tom e.g. we from there go straight to cross stacking in cool room.
Someone accidentally used olive oil the other day and the finished crust was quite nice the next day (but could have been something else).
As a footnote, after using a roller/sheeter, we let our bases proof at 28degrees celsius on the pizza racks for quite a while to get a nice little rise which improves the cook and crust.
Running a medium protein flour at 50% hydration.
Appreciate the help,

To the best of my knowledge the olive oil will add flavour to the crust but nothing else(compared to other oils)

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