cant work out how to price extra toppings

hi I cant work out how to price extra toppings. Have searched on the forums but didnt seem to be any specific discussion.

do you price it in the normal way, i.e. take the cost of the topping as 30% food cost and put on a GP% margin of 70% + taxes?

or because its added on, and the pizza already has a 70% (or whatever) margin on, you take the topping as a lower GP% (i.e. higher food cost) - which effectively gives the customer an extra topping that they feel is worth it (cos they get more)



We don’t put that much into into it. If you try to target a specific food cost for each topping you will drive yourself and you customers nuts with a complicated menu. Figure out what the average cost/pie is for you most popular toppings and do the math come up with a price to hit your target food cost then round up to nearest .25 cents. For a large 14" we charge $1.50 per topping. This is high for some things low for others, but on average it works for us.

For expensive (premium) toppings we charge double, some actually cost much more, some are just percieved as more valuable because the big guys don’t carry them. People that like fresh basil (picked from our garden) or artichoke hearts or feta have purchased them in the store and know what they cost.


Hey mate, noticed your old post that your over in nairobi Kenya! Me two been in Mombasa for over 15 years and only just now expanding, how’s it going for you? Where abouts you located? What’s your shop called?