Caputo “00” price

I am being offered Caputo flour 00 55pounds at $36.59 delivered is it worth it?
Currently use the Restaurant depot brand $29.17. it is about 8 bucks extra not including the trip to RD. Is it worth it?

Switching flour is a big decision. It will effect the dough! If you are happy with what you are doing, I would not switch. If you are not, you could try it and see how it effects your dough. If you switch, you can and should adjust your prices.

We use 30 bags of 50# flour each week. That would be over $1000 a month!

I personally would never think of switching only because our motto is “Just like you remember”. We have been in business 55 years.

Agree switching is always big decision
It is the long lines and uncertainty at RD sometimes they have all what you need sometimes you need to come back. so who delivers the 30 bags to you? is it in one drop or multiples?

Our flour supplier is Sysco. We do not use Caputo flour.

May i ask how much per bag and what brand?

We use Full Strength from General Mills. It’s $15.50 per bag. Our dough recipe is very unique. I have looked at 100’s of recipes and none are even close to ours.

Just curious,
What are the unique qualities of your finished dough that requires unique formula?
I consider our dough unique for my area, but the formula is very straight forward and even listed on this site, along with many other pizza websites.
But I blend 2 different flours in a specific ratio to get the finished product that I want.

I’m guessing it’s this place since it’s their slogan:
fyi if that is your site notice that when you click on the pizza tab you can’t then click on any other tabs

Wow, that Caputo must be some kind of designer flour? Even the Restaurant Depot brand seems expensive. We use Pendleton Flour Mills Mondako flour. This has worked very well for us and we get a lot of compliments on our crusts. We buy it for $19.50/50lb bag.

Are you currently using King Arthur from RD? I think that’s the only one they could carry that would compare to a “00”. That price still seems high at RD though. I use a run of the mill (literally) high gluten flour and paid $13.91 this week. It comes from a local miller though, so I don’t have a lot of freight on it.

Unless you’re doing an authentic Neapolitan pizza and hanging your marketing hat on that, I think Caputo 00 might be overkill.