Car or motorcyles?.

So, I’m in the process of starting delivery. I use my car for big orders, but it’s a Ford 150 V8 which is highly impractical for gas alone.

Some of my friends have recommended buying a cheap car, safer and you can use it as a moving billboard. Others a Bike because it’s cheaper gas and all.

What are your thoughts?.

Thanks in advance!.

A buddy of mine has a fleet of scooters in downtown Denver. All branded and with a “hot box” that holds up to 8 pizzas IN delivery bags and other compartments for 2ltr bottles, etc. Only cost him $1500 each and they get 50+ MPG. Also under a certain cc engine so no special license required to operate.

And hows that working out for them in the winter months? We took the Harleys out yesterday in 45 degree weather, and I could see that being unbearable for a delivery driver

That’s a pretty good point GR. Especially when it rains. My experience is that delivery sky rockets during winter, rain seasons but it’s more dangerous to the driver.

can u even get insurance for scooters?

He does only use them for about 6 months and otherwise his drivers use their own vehicles. The company that did the make up a full rider jump suit all logo and branded so they COULD be used in the cooler months as the box on the back maintains a nice toasty temp. Insurance is pretty cheap again because of the cc’s on the engines being under a certain amount (I am unclear of what that is). I wanted to get a couple myself to cruise around the University of Colorado campus but when he got them I was in no position to buy. I have a couple employees begging me for them now to use in Boulder.


are the hot boxes your friend has on his scooter part of the scooter design or is it an option you an add on later?

Not the best view but the box is molded into the whole scooter.

They look very nice

AdrianG -

You should look @ what vehicles TelePizza and Dominium are running. Are they using company owned vehicles or are they using driver owned ? What are others doing in Lodi and why? And most importantly, what is your goal in getting into delivery? Do you want your sales mix to be predominantly delivery or is delivery for you the occasional order?

If you want to become a delivery company and are just starting out in deliver or just want to start testing the delivery option I wouldn’t recommend investing in co. owned vehicles. The hassle factor of getting & maintaining the vehicle (not to mention a new level of angst “Where’s the car?” “Is the driver stealing gas?” etc) is more expensive then just paying a driver for the use of his car. Once you’ve established yourself as delivery oriented company, then invest in the cost / maintenance / supervision of a vehicle. You also need to make a plan B when the vehicle(s) are in the shop. You’ll probably find that your employee mix will be X% drivers with company owned vehicles and Y% with driver-owned vehicles.

If on the other hand, you just want to add delivery to your already established (and bustling sit-down) then adding a cheap co. car (to replace the Ford) is the way to go. Just remember that if the car is used only for occasional deliveries then it is actually very expensive. Also, if you are going to get a company owned car, please make sure that you assign a specific person to the car. In my experience, wear-&-tear on a car is proportional to the number of people allowed to use the car.