Car signs-top mounted or side mounted?

I read that the best place for a car sign is on the top of your car not on the side through the window.
What have you found to be the best method?

Who likes the auto sox?


We have both. Some cars don’t have magnetic roof and we have to have the side ones.

Hate the side (widow mounted). They do fall off the car - we like the top mounted much better.

I just returned from a trip to Spokane WA…Car top signs were all over the place… Spokane is the home of and it looks like their marketing efforts have worked well… But I also saw quite a few fully wrapped cars including one for Dominos that had some reflective material so their logo and phone number reflected back when your headlights were pointed at the rear of the vevicle…There is no doubt in my mind that getting in the face of your potential clients works…

I don’t like the window mounted sign either.

The best car topper is the one that sits on the top of your drivers car. If it’s legal to light them definetly do that. It makes a big difference. You extend your viewable sign hours when it’s lit.

I don’t like the auto sox thing.

I definitely think the top mounted work better with the signage facing front and back so people behind you and in front of you can notice your logo.