Car Top Sign Suggestions?

I really need to get a couple new car toppers done. Ours are pretty old and rickety. I was hoping for some feedback on companies you guys have had good experiences with and also any tricks to make them more effective. I cannot understand why all the other delivery places in town seem to have white toppers with their logo on them. I can’t tell who it is until I’m right next to their car.

I’m going with the biggest size I can find, I know that much. Name and phone number are important. Should I use my logo, which would leave less room for my name, or just do name? What about website? I don’t think it would drive traffic to the website, but would it cause people to think “oh, I didn’t know they do online ordering” which in turn is causing my business to stick for a couple seconds longer?

I have read that the only one who cares about the logo of an independent business is the owner. I opted to go with the style of lettering that is on my logo for my topper but by not using the logo it makes the name larger on the sign. But then again I also have reflective name and number on the front, back, and both sides of the delivery van in the same font.
This is what you would see if the van is in your headlights. … =695024216

Well said. You have a good font, like mine, that works well on its own.

If I had the money (which I don’t) and did delivery (which I don’t) I’d like to provide the delivery vehicle. I’d pick an unusual model and have that thing wrapped. I think that would out do any car topper from any competition, and people would easily see my guy coming down the road.

I have some of the strangest vehicles in this city. :lol: and am looking for more.

I believe mine are made by cassel.they are a bit pricey but worth it.I did our name with the italian flag background and also says pasta and sandwiches but is only readable when stoped.part of the reason they were a little pricey is because they light up and are need to mess with wires or cigarette lighter plug ins.I charge them up at the shop overnite and last all day.I strongly recomend spending the extra for the convenience.I have never had any other types of topers before but I can imagine the hassel with the wired version.

I used the HTH signs for 15 years and I seemed to spend half my waking hours fixing and replacing them. I also had several fly off the cars and some of those do damage to the cars behind them. A few years ago I switched to the Cassel ones and have never looked back. They last 10 times longer and stay on the cars. A year ago I retrofitted them with the LED battery charged lighting and so far so good. I have only had to replace 3 of the light units so far, which is less than I spent on cords in the past.

Its Cassel all the way.

I’ve used HTH for 5 years and the most problems I’ve had is people stealing them off the top of the car. We’ve used some of their car locks which has helped.

I have a question. Other than letting a customer know it is your delivery person when they arrive… kind of a security thing… do toppers really work? I can honestly say I see them on cars all the time but never really pay that much attention too them. Anyone ever try and keep track of where their customers saw their name and number before ordering? :?:

On a dead night I will send my drivers out “trolling”. We usually get a few calls from the area where they had just driven through.

good idea!

I do this when I’m running errands during the day. It’s just one more chance to have people see my name, no different to me than any other advertising expense. If the signs last 3 years, that means I only need to generate one order every 5 months to pay for them. Let alone the improved image for my business.