Car Topper

What is the proper way to place on car? Width wise so people behind you and coming toward you can see it. Or front to back, just wondering.

Have always done front to back, the sign is for those you are passing to read. Not the few people who are in front or behind.

When using the “quad” style sign I have my drivers put them on parallel to the windshield. They pass many more people head on that are close enough to recognize the logo than they do from the side. My drivers always seem to want to put it perpendicular to the windshield to cut down on the drag. I started buying the three sided “auto advertiser” from HTH( to get the best of both worlds.

I wanted the three sided one but HTH talked me out of it, so I got the Quad and put it on like you have thinking about people in front and behind. I need to call them because the green is actually a turquoise color. It looks fantastic with the LED lights

Everyone around here does front to back. Guess it doesn’t matter. Thanks everyone, Thanks HTH