Caramelized red onions

Anybody out there care to share how they caramelized their onions ? I tried putting them in a pan with olive
oil salt and pepper, they reduced a lot, it seems I would be going through tons of onions in this reduced state. Now when i cook a pizza with onions, i drizzle a little olive oil before running through conveyor oven
and it seems to be caramelized the easy way. I would feel guilty advertising them as caramelized though.
Any input would be helpful including red bell peppers, thank you Think tank.

I roast peppers, onions, and mushrooms separate on sheet tray with little oil and salt just for a few minutes until they give off some water. Then I put in drain pan let that water drip off then ready for service. They all get a light roasted flavor and no more watery pizza

I use sweet onions, I use a little butter and olive oil, slice them thin and run them through the oven in a deep dish pan. They really are fantastic, I have called them ‘carmalized’ in the past but have just stuck to calling them ‘grilled’ onions. I portion them in 3 ounce baggies and yeah, they reduce a fair bit but it’s a signature topping nobody else does and the onions themselves are .60-.99 cents a lb so it’s still not much for what you get; something unique and something that really sets off certain pizzas.

You could also just put sliced onions in deep fryer and call them caramelized. Onions are pretty cheap man.

I’ve been a Chef for over 30 years and know a little about cooking. I also have caramelized onions on my topping list and sell over 50# of caramelized onions on any given week. First I don’t put them in a fryer because then they become fried onions, and you don’t put them in the oven because you guessed it, they become roasted onions. I put them in a heavy braising pan with a little clarified butter (no olive oil) and cook them on medium high heat while stirring all the time so they don’t burn. It take a good 45-60 minutes to get a deep caramel color. You’ll know when their done is when you get dark sweet onion candy on the back of you spatula. And yes they do make you different than the other pizzerias in town because not to many owners would take the time to make them. “If you do what everyone else does, than your no different than them.”

We use a hot plate. Slice up 2-3 big onions, drizzle with olive oil at about 280 degrees. Turn them with tongs. Takes about 10 minutes. Works like a charm and taste delisioso on a pie.