Carousel Pizza Oven -New to me.

I went to a pizza shop the other day and I saw something I have never seen before. It was a very very large (THIS THING WAS HUGE) pizza oven that appeared to have two or three large wheels made out of pizza stone material. The wheels went slowly round and round cooking the pizza. It was electric/gas powered not fire. I have never seen anything like this before at any pizza convention or website. Could somebody tell me what this was and what the advantage of this giant carousel oven are?

Everyone always talks about deck vs. conveyor ovens, I’ve never read anything about this type of oven.

sounds like a bagel oven. A place near me uses one…Not a bad pie…

I used to have one of those giant carousel ovens. Advantages: cooks like a deck oven, but pizzas are always front and center to take out/put in. Usually have “air doors”, making inspection of pizzas easy, especially since they are “front and center”. Very large capacity, too. Disadvantages: If you miss a pizza as it goes by, it’s almost impossible to get it until it comes around again. Also they are somewhat complex - lots of electronics, combined with being a hot oven - things break. I went back to regular deck ovens for simplicity.

At second thought, may have been a rotoflex. If it was spinning like a ferris wheel it’s A bagel oven.

Really sounds like a Rotoflex oven. Check them out at I think what smeagol is talking about is more like a FISH oven that I have seen in a rare few pizza shops but mostly a bakery use oven. They are VERY large and do have a huge capacity but I think they would be hard to use based on the rotating decks… they have like 6 - 8 decks. They are at

Here is a rotoflex in action

and here is an interesting looking rotating oven, the customers get a nice view but I wonder about how much heat it puts into the room.