Carpet / Flooring in dining area

Hi folks…I’m looking for some advice re: flooring in dining area. We are a new restaurant - 8 months into our first year so not much cash to spend …but need to replace old cracked tiled floor we inherited when we took over the place…looking at different options but got a very good price on a black carpet (probably half what any other option would be) that would also help with our noise issue as carpet absorbs a lot of noise. I’m wondering if people have experience with carpets in restaurant dining rooms - obviously the main concern is cleaning stains…do the chemical treatments that are supposed to make cleaning spills easier to clean actually work ??? good enough for red wine spills ??? …any advice greatly appreciated

We have carpet in our dining area, and it is 8 years old now. It has held up pretty well, but needs to be replaced. Some stains come out, others stay. When you make the decision, if it costs half the price, you can replace it again 5-8 years down the road if you go with carpet. Maybe by then your cash will be flowing higher and you can put in tile, or hardwood floors, or whatever, next time.

I don’t know if there is a difference between being able to use certain chemicals between work and home…

However, if red wine is a concern…HOT water and either OxyClean or Tide work wonders…sometimes the stain disappears totally if you can get to it quick enough…or they do reduce the stain enough to where your steamer can usually finish the job on it’s next run.

But, I don’t know if Tide or Oxyclean are “approved” workplace chemicals…but these things work for me at home on pet, soda, and wine stains.

We have always had pretty good luck carpet. We buy a dark color with specs of other colors. This helps hide the stains. We have the carpets cleaned about every six months. This helps with the look, smell and flies. (Yup, flies)

It is always unbelievable when they come and clean them…We vacuum the carpets twice a day with a good vacuum.


thanx for the replies…big help

vacuuming twice a day seems a lot…but then we’re open from 5 - 10 …I’m guessing your open for lunch too in which case it’d make sense

…I wasn’t referring to chemicals you put on after a stain - but chemicals that treat carpets to make stain lifting easier … but will look into oxyclean