Carry-out bags

We were thinking about getting some carry out bags with our logo on them and using them as a marketing tool for our regulars. Every year as the temps go down I get this idea. I have a couple of customers that use the mylar looking bags that Sam’s used to sell and they are very happy with them.

There are a couple of old threads about the topic, one with both positive and negative coments and then there is this gem Additionally I recall the thread by Steveo922 that this thread mentions which was also quite negative.

So has anybody had positive experience with these type of bags? All the links in the threads I fond are no good now, does anybody know where I could buy a reasonable amount of these things with our logo and the year on them?


Are you meaning some sort of thermal bag?..I have had clients ask about them however, I have always thought they would not get re-used very often…If they do not get re-used enough, your advertising investment is not very productive…

I am thinking of this sort of thing
but with our logo on it. My idea has always been to charge the customer for the bag and that would make them a member of the “Carry Out Club”. Showing up with the bag in hand to pick up their order would give them a discount on their purchase. After about 5 or so uses they get their initial cost back and then the more times they order the more they save. As it said in one of those threads, the bag becomes a reusable coupon. No punch cards, no POS data to maintain, just show up with the bag.


No positive replies? I guess I will solicit some samples and do some testing. If steaming is an issue we can always punch a couple of vent holes and see if that improves it.

I honestly think its a waste of money… How does it put money in your pocket? your charging them to join a club to save money? the attempt is to get them to come back more and buy i get it… I just dont think its something thats going to “take off”…

want them to come back more? just do a loyalty program and offer free… simple punch cards. dont out think it.

just my two cents :slight_smile: whatever you decide GOOD LUCK!

Little Caesars tried that, it was a failure. At first we attempted to sell them, after a year we just gave them away to repeat customers, even after giving them away we rarely saw them again. I thought it was a good idea, I thought people would use them… but nobody really cared. Sort of like the grocery bags we buy but if we don’t stash them in the car somewhere we’ll never remember to bring them.

I’m not a large fan of reusable bags of any kind, because they are not typically kept clean, although rare, this may cause some issues with a foodborne illness.

We have a lady who has been recycling foam carryout boxes, she brings her own foam clamshell box in, and I refuse to have it anywhere near my prep area, because I do not know where it has been, or what funky bacteria may be growing on it .