Carry out options

Ok so here’s a question I would like to put out here and would love everybody’s opinion and options. So going forward with possibly not being able to open my lobby, what options come this fall and winter do I have to get customers to let them know that their order is ready, to step up to the door/take out window, we have rain/sleet/snow coming this fall/winter we are in Mi and due to this covid-19 I cant have customers standing in the parking lot waiting. I’ve thought about a white board, and scrolling sign, just trying to get something figured out to plan ahead.

Being 99% of the people nowadays have a cell phone get their cell phone number and call them when their order is ready for pickup that’s what we were doing in our restaurant restaurant when no one could come into the dining area

I am fortunate that 99% of the time, anyone pulling up in front of my window is there to pick up pizza from me. I have a person assigned each shift to look out the window and to approach each car as it pulls in. The guests really like the service and it is much easier than sorting the incoming phone calls into pickup calls and ordering calls.