Cartop sign Car adapter... do you make your drivers pay?

Couple of questions:
I’ve only got 2 Cabbie xl signs from right now… and after a month of use one of the power cords broke. More specifically the end that goes into the sign, the metal male end broke off.

  1. Are there any other places that carry the same ends that fit in the Autosox cabbie signs? Autosox is on back order for a few weeks, and i’m trying to find a more reliable cord.

  2. I’ve heard that a pizza shop the next town over, when they hire a driver they give them their own cord and make them pay $10 for it… and if it ever breaks they pay for another. What do you all do?


I’m pretty certain they use the same adaptor that HTH uses. PM me your address and I’ll ship one out. I’m sitting on 60 or so. I give my drivers one when they start and if they need a new one they are supposed to buy it from me. Depending on how long the driver has worked for me, I’ll probably give it to him free of charge.

Auto sox will send you free replacements if you call them. The dam,n things break all the time. I don’t think making the drivers pay is good policy since the problem is not the drivers being careless.

I do not make my drivers pay unless it is obviously something they did, recently we have had the same problem with the ends that connect to signs break off and it was an obvious manufacturer problem. I called them and they sent out new cords before I even sent the inferior ones back, I get my signs from HTH and they were very helpful

Thanks Paul… I just e-mailed Cassel via bodegahwy’s advise, to see if they will replace the broken one. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Ask them to send you about three for every sign you have and maybe you will make it a year before you have to call them again.