Cash Drawers for Point of Success

Hey guys,

I currently have a two terminal system using two Epson TM-T88III receipt printers. Im trying to decide on the right cash drawer for these terminals but cant make heads or tails from the different brands out there. Can anyone who uses Point of Success in their operation tell me what type of printer connected drawer they use or recommend that would work for me?

Thanks in advance.

ask the guys at i used them for all my stuff, very helpful and knowledgeable (sp?) i use point of success too and if i remember correctly, the drawer has to compatible with the epson, but they can tell you all that. all the drawers are pretty much the same, bTW

good luck!

I got mine on eBay new for $100 delivered. I just did a search for “epson compatible POS cash drawer”

I got mine from ebay for $75. It is an Epson compatible.

I bought my APG cash drawers from Ebay (2 @ $60 apiece). They work great with POSuccess. Actually, I think it’s more the printer than the POS. I use Ithaca POSJet printers.