Cash tips on online orders

Here is what has been brought to my attention from my drivers we get online orders that are to be paid with cash there is a tip included they always ask me what total to give with or without cash tip. Here is the dilemma cause it goes both ways. Give the total with the tip included and some people will tip on top of that cause they forget they have included a tip. Give the total without the tip and some people won’t tip because they think their tip is included in the total. I have told my drivers to say something along these lines “your total with your online tip is $$$” but some people give them a look like what are you talking about. What do you guys do?

Hey guys sorry for the anonymous posted from my phone not sure why it posted like this

I am confused, do you automatically add a tip or not ? If you do, it is no longer considered a tip by the IRS and is required to be reported as wages.

If it is not a tip, and infact a delivery fee that they do not receive, then you need to call it that and not a tip.

I’m not sure why, if you’re paying cash, the tip would be added in with the online order. Or ahead of time at all in normal circumstances. Seems like it would only be added in after the fact unless it’s something where there is a large catering order, such as an office party buying 15 pizzas or something like that.

But assuming there is a reason for it, I would instruct them to say something like “Your order is (pre-tip amount) and whoever ordered added a tip online for (tipped amount), so unless you would like to adjust that, your total is (total amount).”

I am completely confused by this question.

If they are paying cash at the door (regardless of how the order is placed) why would the tip amount even be in your records and on the receipt at that point?

If they are ordering online presumably they entered the tip themselves so would this even come up?

Hi guys sorry for the confusion. So the customer places their online order at check out they select whether they will be paying with cash there is also a selection where they can add a tip just like they would if they are paying with credit card some people enter a tip some people dont. The option to include a tip is there whether they are paying cash or credit

we do not automatically add a tip the option is there for the customer if they want to add one it doesnt matter if they are paying cash or credit the option is there at checkout

In that case the customer would always know they had done that right? The driver can just say that “the total with the tip you added online is” XXXX

If they don’t remember adding a tip on line, maybe they aren’t giving the driver a look. That blank stare may just be their natural look. :slight_smile:

Well thats the thing so initially we werent including the cash tip that they added into their total and they would tip the driver accordingly anyway like they forgot they added a tip. So now I have been telling the drivers to say "your total with the tip you added on line is ___ and some give the drivers this look like they have no clue what the driver is talking about. I was just wondering how everyone else handles this because I dont want the drivers to be stiffed and I also dont want the customer to be paying double the tip. I dont believe that we can turn the tip option off for just cash payment it is either there or it isnt regardless of payment method and I dont want those that pay with credit card to not be able to tip on their credit card.

If an online customer adds any tip , the receipt will print with the tip on it. There is no where on the receipt to write another tip bc it’s already there.

I always tell drivers, on the occasional no tip , it all averages out at the end of the night.

Here’s a good one " when a customer adds a tip on a credit card , who pays for it? The store pays a % on every credit card sale. So that $5 tip costs the store a few cents. It adds up

Can you adjust your online ordering to not prompt for a tip if they choose the cash option? For that matter, can you adjust your online ordering to never prompt for a tip regardless of how the customer is paying? A tip should be based on the quality of service received, which the customer can not gauge at the time of placing the order.

Our system only allows a tip added online with CC payment so it has never been an issue.

we have that issue come up once in a while as well…what happens more frequently is that people add a $3 tip but input it as $.03 so that becomes a bit awkward at the door when they do not notice it

Personally i think customers should not be allowed to pretip.

It causes all sorts of problems, specially with business orders. Several times the secretary would order thinking the tip was included, then when the driver gets there no one tips because the secretary said it was already included (actually had this happen with 3 different business, they fired one of them because we did not say anything until they had ordered $3000 without tipping).

Tipping imo, should always be done at the door whence the service has been completed.

I don’t like the pre tipping either but there are those that order online pay with a credit card and don’t have cash to tip at the door so there needs to be that option for them to tip on their credit card during payment. This in itself is a problem too between drivers based on the size of the tip and who is going to take that delivery we stick to first in first out but there are times when the drivers position themselves to take largely tipped deliveries or not take small tipped deliveries it can be frustrating. It’s also frustrating when you get someone who has tipped largely and something goes wrong with their delivery. I guess it’s your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. Thanks guys for all of your input. Love seeing how everyone else does things.

Well your system should allow online orders to tipped at the door, just like any other order. Granted i use Revention and i do not have any other experience with the newer systems. But i would expect that to be there.

As for drivers pulling that crap, Fired is my only response.

We have a tip line on the cc slip
No confusion or issue.

My Prism system also has a tip line on the credit card slip that the customer signs. We turned off the option of giving the customer the choice of tipping at time of placing the online order, so there will be no confusion.

You should contact your online ordering company and find out for sure if the option can’t be removed for cash payments. If not ask them if any of their other customers have had the same issues and if they have any suggestions.