Cash tips on online orders

I personally would keep the pre-tip option…these instances happen with the majority of our online orders (approx 20% of our deliveries) where the customers pre-tip the driver. I like it b/c I allow my drivers to not get a signature in instances where the person is not there to sign (happens all the time at lunch with teachers at schools and businesses where the receptionists would not tip the drivers). I know there is risk of a chargeback, but I have not had one in about 5yrs…knock on wood!

We removed the cash payment option for online orders as drivers would assume it was paid being online as initially CC payment was the only option until the company hosting our online orders updated their system to include cash payment, so now it is back to CC only. There is a drivers tip component if the customer wishes to add a tip but majority don’t. Some may give the tip directly to the driver.
Then again we are not a strong tipping society and we do not have a “tipped” wage system but a flat minimum hourly wage rate based on age up until 21+ where it is the same rate. We don’t record tips as drivers get these direct from the customer and it makes no difference to their hourly rate.