Cassata Siciliana - anyone sell this?

I have been inspired by a couple sources to develop a workable Cassata all Siciliana, like the article that was featured in the “other” pizza magazine. Does anyone make and serve this cannoli cake dessert? I have made some personal modifications to make it my own (like adding some Amaretto to the ricotta filling, etc.). I am looking for a food cost estimate anyone out there has. I am fighting food costs with my test runs as I am buying cakes to use. Yeah, I will probably move to baking my own, since I have a baking oven not doing anything from 11pm through to 4pm the next day.

Still in order to price it to move, I am looking like a 45% food cost for this dessert thing in testing. When I bake my own pound cakes, it should fall down into the high 30’s, which I can stomach in a dessert item.

Any feedback?

Alright. My first test cake is done, and I can recommend it to anyone who has ricotta and chocolate in the shop. Foir simplicity, it rates well, and is a tasty addition to the dessert menu.

Split a bakery pound cake into 5 slices, brush with a liquer or simple syrup, divide the sweetened ricotta among the layers, then frost with chocolate buttercream. It looks spectacular as well. I am seeing countless variations on the theme, with the filling having combinations of chocolate chips, chopped pisatchios, candied citrus peel, almonds, cinnamon, peanut butter, etc. Then there are plum and raspberry preserves, raspberry jam, lemon curd. Outside frostings are equally limitless. This might be my inspiration canvas for home made dessert menu. I can probably make pound cake inexpensively and easily with my Blodgett 981 baking oven…

Trying to get my food cost below 47% closer to the upper 30’s given the labor it will start taking to produce these.