Catering Help

I was approached by a local venue to cater a prom for 200 people. The venue is looking for finger foods not a full blown meal. The venue has limited refrigeration and warmers available. I am looking for food items that will hold 3 to 4 hours with no refrigeration, any help would be greatly appreciated.

why can’t you do drops every hour in that case if you do not want to use chaffing dishes, etc. We do post-prom parties and provide pizzas cut into smaller slices, mozz stix, boneless buffalo wings, etc

Prom is tough because it’s kids but if it has to be 3-4 hours room temp I would think tapas style, salads, and foccacia. roasted veggie bruschetta, tossed salads with no proteins, and foccacia with different toppings. could you not rent a few warmers?

i say invest in a few cambro hot boxes, they last forever. and they are amazing at keeping food hot for hours. when we do pasta we even prop the door open a little cuz the box will over cook the pasta. and a 200 person party should deff cover the cost of a few. what we do since we don’t have a lot of them is anything that’s gonna be sitting for a few hours goes in the cambros anything that’s gonna get eaten first goes in cardboard boxes…works great! and a few menu ideas… burschetta, boneless wings, mini meatballs, toasted ravioli, mini calzones (huge hit and huge profit!), tomato basil and fresh moz skewers.