Catering Hot Sandwiches

Just signed up with Seamless to be on their catering website and already have my first order but…it’s for a buttload of sandwiches! The office is 3 miles away in a large city so it’s a good 25-30 min drive. My concern is keeping the sandwiches hot, anyone done this before? Not sure these pizza bags will keep them warm long enough.

Ive done it before. Im not sure if its the best way but we wrapped each sandwich in foil then put them in those steam table pans covered with foil.
Im curios to hear how others do it

not for sandwiches but for other hot food we rented cambros and would heat them up by putting hotel pans in and SLOWLY pour in boiling water, close and then in about 15 minutes take out water pans and put in hot sandwiches. always worked well for paella and pinchos. not sure affect it would have on bread

Standard pizza bags are fair at best, if you want to keep that product hot then CookTek and induction disc’s are the way to go. It’s expense for sure and out of line on cost, but your product will stay nice and hot. They have pizza bags and pack bags (Thermocube) for non pizza items.

cambro makes insulated boxes that hold aluminum trays hot for hours