Catering Pizzas to school

Does any one have experience catering pizza slices to schools.? If so what would be the best equipment to keep the food warm while we bake 100 pies and transport. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated.

Thank you

We do 200 to 300 pizzas a day to schools and use these bags. They work perfect for a 16 inch. ( Holds 12 ) Not great for 14 inch. The pizzas kind of move around too much for my taste. For the 14 inch we use the next size down. We get about 3 to 4 years service out of them and then replace them. I test out everything and found these bags to work the best.

I use the same bags mentioned by @pizzapiratespp and I live in a city that has been the coldest place on the planet more than once.

Thanks for the suggestions and tips. On the web site it says the medium is good for 12" to 14" so i also prefer a well fitted box.

Thank you

Form your guys experience, how long can pizzas be stored in these bags? Do you guys leave them at the schools until the pizzas are sold or do you just unpack the boxes and return them to your restaurants?

Thank you

Fuck me running, what I would do for a daily account like that. 200-300 pizzas a day?! How did you get that?

They bags hold the pizzas for a good hour at temp. Longer during warm weather.

Each school has their own request on the keeping of the bags. Some we unload them on the spot, some keep them and we pick them up later, or the next day.


Just kind of fell into it. We have done this order since 2005. They used someone else for a time but the pizza company was continually late with the deliveries. The district food director went around and asked the kids where they order pizza at home and our name kept coming up. He stopped by the store, tried out a pizza and gave us the account.

That being said, it is next to impossible to sell pizzas in the schools any longer. I don’t expect to do the order for more than another year or 2. The only reason we still do it today is because the food director has adjusted all the other products to bring the calories, carbs and salt levels down so their overall nutrition profile is in line.


That is why i got out last year. We still do school nights where we donate portion of sales to the PTA, and starting this year i sponsor a Lunch with the Principle program they run at the Elementary School by us (they used to allow us to give the winning class a pizza party once a month. But that was killed by the district this year)

I find the schools logic to be a bit ridiculous. My daughter started kindergarten this year and the kids lunch menu is absolutely terrible its a joke. Their menu consists of mozzarella sticks spaghetti with garlic bread and a pizza “tart”. My pizza is much more healthy than any of their lunch items. They also only charge 2.50 a meal so what does that tell you about the crap that they are feeding school kids nowadays. I would prefer my kid to eat my pizza as opposed to that crap.

IMO, it was just another financial decision to get budgets down.

I’m not sure what’s the difference over here in our school district where we do our order, other than the people running it. I have helped deliver the over since the get go and I’m amazed by what I see in these school kitchens here.

  • Over the top cleanliness. They clean every inch of the facilities every day.
  • Over the top professional people working the kitchens. Always friendly, having a good time and working hard. Very understanding and willing to work with you.
  • Crazy good food. They make their own salad dressings. Bake fresh cakes, cookies and other desserts. I’ve seen them baking whole turkeys at Thanksgiving. I’ve seen carne asada plates during Cinco de Mayo and hams at Easter. It goes on all year.
    This district is also smack dab right in the middle of one of the lowest income areas of all California. My kids went to school in the higher income district next door and would never touch a bite of food from the kitchen because it was “gross”.

that is a beautiful thing! just goes to show if you get the right person for the job, one who actually gives a crap, they can make great things happen. instead schools hire lazy incompetent people that just buy frozen product. don’t get me started on Chicago’s last school superintendent.

I wish my daughters school had this kind of setup I can’t tell you what a pain in the but it is to pack her a healthy school lunch everyday. Not to mention I have to make something different everyday because she wont eat the same thing.