Cattlemen's Gold

Sams doesn’t carry this anymore. Does anyone know a source to get the most excellent honey mustard sauce? We’ve tried US Foods and Roma as well - no luck.

just take 50% honey and 50% mustard… mix them togeather. most excellent.

I get my Cattlemen’s Gold from Sysco

we use to get at sams also here in tn no longer heck they even quit carrying franks red hot that didnt last though sams here carries ocharleys honey mustard its pretty good. not the same as the gold but it works.

My best suggestion is to ask for a special order since they most certainly order from a French’s distributor for the Cattlemens BBQ sauces and French’s mustards.

I get it from PFG and they now carry Roma items. It is good stuff!

Restaurant Depot carries it.

gfs—has it

Try it for a wing flavor -people love it, we call them sweet and sassy wings. We also do a sweet and sassy chix pizza

oh and if your getting franks there from the same company as the gold they should be able to spo it for you