CC processing through speedline/ speedpay

looking for reviews or experience with speedline POS CC processing speedpay.


I’d like to know as well. I have my own processor and have to pay WorldPay a $30 per mo. charge since I am not using them (Speedline’s pet processor). When I add pinpads and eventually online ordering, I may have to switch over to Speedpay (WorldPay?)

You WILL have to switch to be able to accept payments for online orders with SpeedDine. I’d get your best rate elsewhere and just use the Worldpay gateway. They don’t charge you any additional fees

I already have the best rates avail. through my processor and pay $30 mo. for the WorldPay gateway but you’re saying I have to dump them and start using WorldPay directly as it’s the only way online orders can integrate into the Speedline POS and that the ‘SpeedDine’ program is the only program, too?

nah the WorldPay gateway should be all you need to integrate the speeddine online ordering. I was using Heartland for a while with the WorldPay gateway and it worked for online orders basically same as normal.