Ceiling tiles for the kitchen?

Code requires a smooth, non-porous, washable ceiling tile made of vinyl, plastic, fiberglass (not the paper based acoustical stuff). Can anyone share what they use and where they purchase from. I found some online but they are pricey. Home Depot/Lowes does not seem to carry anything in my area that meets code.


Our ceiling tiles are 24" X 48" pieces of vinyl laminated sheet rock. Its been a while since construction but they were about $4 a piece to purchase at the time. I would talk to someone at home depot or lowes and tell them you need laminated ceiling tiles and I bet they either have them or can get them.

The ceiling tiles you are looking for are classified as commercial ceiling tiles and will not be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Find a drywall supply house in your area and they will have vinyl coated tiles for use in a kitchen. The are probably between 4 and 5 dollars per 2x4 tile.


I went with something like this. Im dine in and people can see my kitchen. Pricier but they look a lot better


Thanks all. I had found and was planning on restarauntceilingtiles.com but was hoping for something cheaper. I’ll contact a drywall supplier and see what they have. I wasn’t aware of a vinyl coated drywall tile.

We used ceilume in our dining room and banquet room - looks great and very easy to work with - I’ve handed out samples and ceilume’s web address to several of our guests. In the kitchen & prep areas we used the vinyl covered drywall. All the big box home improvement stores can get them, but some have a minimum quantity. We found some in stock at a Menards (we’re in IL) but that was 4 years ago.

Ceilumes can add an elegant look to your commercial kitchen and they are fully compliant with the FDA requirements whereas the ceiling tiles in areas where food is prepared have to met the FDA requirements.

Proceilingtiles.com has some affordable ones. Duraclean tile is one and they have Ceilume products.