Cell phone policy 2023 updated?

Anyone having success on this front? If so Could you share your policy, how it’s communicated to the staff and enforced … I was relying on “common sense” but I have reached my limit and many if not most of my staff members are NOT “complying”

I have never said anything to them about their phones.
Its a battle I could never win. If there is a lull in service, go ahead and look at your phone, I do also. But if there is pizzas to be made or cut, and phones to be answered, my crew would never consider looking at their phone.
If I did have a policy, and they didn’t follow it I would just be mad all the time. And they woild just go to the bathroom much more often. Its not 2006 anymore :grinning:

Fully agree. The cellphone battle is just going to upset you. If there is a major issue address it with the individual employee. No need for a blanket policy.

My only issue is how dirty they are. I railed against setting a phone on any kind off prep table. I would have managers just contiually remind them to wash their hands every time they touched their phones.

thank you all for your words of wisdom (experience):grinning: