Cell Phones

What is everyone’s policy on cell phone use on the job?

Drivers need them. It speeds them up considerably. Kitchen help turns them off or leaves them out of the way and silent during the rush. If talking on them when we are slow is a problem, that employee has to leave it at home or in their car

Drivers carry them, must be on vibrate.

Kitchen & Servers are not to bring them in the building. They still do, but I try to keep them out best as possible. I would fire someone if they were talking on it during a rush. They use them on breaks, but I don’t like it and they know it.

I’ve seen some bad things with cell phones and try to keep them out as much as possible.

Ditto Bodegahwy…

Its mandatory that ever driver have one in my store…

just went through this couple months ago it wasnt the talking it was the text messaging that was driving me nuts :x every time i looked around all i saw was fingers flying so everyone aggred to stop texting while working or id FIRE THEM !!!cell phones on is ok just no jaw jacking while working .

If we are in a rush (rare unfortunately) they don’t take their calls they let them go to voice mail, unless it is home calling then I let them make sure it is not a family emergency. I know if I worked for someone and I could not take a call from home and later found out my son was sick or hurt I would be angry so I let them make sure everything is OK then they tell their family they gotta go and will call back when they are not as busy.

Posted a sign a couple months ago - “If you don’t want us to enact a cell phone policy, you need to start acting as if there were already one in place” then listed some things they needed to do - no using it anywhere in customers view, changing their voice mail message to something like “I’m sorry I can’t answer right now but my boss is a real A–hole and won’t let me take calls on the job”, returning calls only when they go on break (again, out of customer’s view). One of my drivers doesn’t have a cell - he’s older & trustworthy (been with me for 11 years) so I give him mine to use while he’s working.

NY Pizza, I really like that idea. I have been struggling back and forth about how to set down some rules, so this seems like a nice way to do it. Thanks for the idea!


If it is an emergency can they not call your store phone? There is no reason for them to use them while working. I only let them talk on them if they are on their break. Drivers can not use them when they are in the store.

If someone is going to make it mandatory for me to have a cell phone then they can pay for my service.

Look, it’s not going to change things one iota as to delivery times in fact it may be quite detrimental . My first priority on the road, whether you like it or not, is my safety, and I don’t have the necessary juggling skills to be driving and using my cell phone at the same time which means I’m going to pull over to the side of the road to call the customer. Which means I’ve just wasted however much time when I could have been driving.

What do you want? A play by play? Yeah, just passed Elm and Main, Broadway coming up, customer’s house in sight, pulling up to the driveway, getting out of the car going up to the door. Oh crap I left the garlic rolls in the car.

Look what difference does it make whether I tell the customer I’m on my way or someone in-house tells the customer I’m on my way. OF COURSE I’m on my way. So sit back, relax, watch an episode of your favorite TV show and I’ll be there soon.

And call me paranoid but I also don’t like the idea of a customer having my PERSONAL phone number in their phone book.

And I’m starting to get a little fed up with customers who come into my store and can’t get off their cell phones long enough to make a simple transaction. Where they’re talking to me in a low voice intermittently with the person they’re on the phone with. I purposefully ignore those people. You have to decide what’s more important to you. Your conversation,which I’ll happily wait for you to complete,or your dealing with me. There’s a time and place for everything. And a big thank you to those with cell phones that have the proper etiquette to say “excuse me” or “Let me call you back” before coming in.
As a customer I don’t go into places of business yakin’ away. Call me crazy but after being on both sides of the counter, I try to have an appreciation for those who are trying to help me. You know using those antiquated terms like “please” and “thank you” and if it’s in a restaurant TIPPING well. When I and the owner of the store go out to eat after we’ve both worked a 15 hour shift we tip so well, the next time the wait staff falls all over themselves fighting to see who gets to serve us.

Not every policy is good policy. Not everything designed to enhance customer service does. Think of it as the Domino’s 30 minutes or it’s free fiasco. If your employees’ safety is less important to you than somebody who has to know exactly where their pizza is then what kind of dive are you running?

I don;t think anyone would expect drivers to give a play by play of the delivery as you state but a phone is essential if you are in fact true about wanting safety for your driver consider:

  1. the driver whose driver for 10 minutes and simply can’t find the customers house - you’d prefer him to driver back to the store or stop off and use a public phone?

  2. the driver who is in an accident or break down - what would you do tell him to sit there and wait until maybe someone comes?

  3. The customer who doesn’t asnwer the door as they don’t hear the delivery guy knocking? You’d prefer him to come back to the store and call to say ‘I was outside you house for 10 minutes’

  4. the dark unlit house in the middle of no-where - I bet you suggest he just walks right up there and hope its not a set up.

I own two stores and I driver at each of them regularly - I wouldn’t get in my car without it. I may only use it once or twice a night or maybe not at all and the cost - if I can save 10/15 minutes a night and avoid getting my head kicked in then I’m ok paying a little.

If you really care for the safety of drivers make sure they carry a cell phone.

My shop cannot call that new customer on Friday night to tell them that we cannot find their house . . . if we don’t know the driver cannot find the house. Enter the cell phone. Driver has a breakdown in middle of nowhere and needs someone to take order along . . we won’t know without a cell phone. Customer lives in a dark area? Driver can call to ask customer to turn on porch light . . . or call us to be on the line while they make the delivery . . that is using the cell phone for added safety.

While they are not the new miracle cure for what ails you, it can be used effectively as a tool to manage and perform the business more effectively. If you don’t like your number appearing on their caller ID, then use the menu option on the phone to block it out.

You need to get a different job where you will be happy! (if that is possible)

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